Get a comfortable seating arrangement with high heel chairs

After buying an apartment, the first and foremost thing that house owners look forward to is setting up their home decor in their preferred manner. When it comes to buying chairs for fulfilling seating arrangements, most buyers prefer to avail products that offers increased comfort levels. With the latest introduction of the high heel chair, getting such comfort and stylish privileges is no longer difficult. Though they are way different than the conventional arm chairs, much appeal and convenience has been attached to them due to their stylish features and attractive designs.

For those who look forward to decorate their living spaces with such quirky furniture, these chairs are said to be the best option. They are known to deliver a comfortable seating and back rest position to its users. People are able to slip into a relaxed mode with the presence of such chairs. Though they may not have supported arm rest like the other chairs, its soft and furnished quality makes it quite easy for people to get some rest. After all who doesn’t want to sit and relax at home after a hard day’s work in such high quality shoe chair.

Offers quirky designs and colours

What adds to the overall advantage is that the quirky designs and colours along with attractive structure of such chairs is said to enhance the overall home decor.…

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Recycling Old Libels


The Blood Libel is one of the oldest antisemitic charges against Jews: the accusation that Jewish people conspire to kill non-Jews for nefarious purposes. The most common formulation of this lie is that Jews kill a Christian boy in order to use their blood for a ritual of some kind. But many of the earliest recorded blood libels level a slightly different accusation.

In 1909, Prof Hermann Strack of Berlin University wrote The Jew and Human Sacrifice – the first serious scholarly work devoted to exposing the Blood Libel as a dangerous historical lie. It is, unfortunately, still relevant today. Talking about the earliest Blood Libels, he notes (p174):

“In several cases, always assuming the credibility of the tradition, it would be a matter of popular -medical belief … According to the Marbach annals, the Jews of Fulda (when tortured, of course), confess in December, 1235, that they had murdered the miller’s children,  ut ex eis sanguinem ad suum remedium elicerent in order to obtain their blood for medical use

Strack also highlights the account of Thomas Cantipratanus, a monk writing in about 1270. Thomas claims that all Jews were inflicted with some sort of hidden medical condition as a punishment for killing Jesus:

“A very learned Jew, who in our day has been converted to the [Christian] faith, informs us that one enjoying the reputation of a prophet among them … made the following prediction: ‘Be assured that relief from this secret ailment, to which you are exposed, can be obtained through Christian blood alone’. 

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